Babyccino – made by my toddler

Boo loves a babyccino but the frequent trips to coffee shops aren’t good for my waistline or wallet! I decided to see if we could make them at home together meaning it was a fun activity at a fraction of the cost.


First we needed the right equipment. For me, it was important that Boo could help. If this was going to replace a trip to a coffee shop, Boo would have to think it was fun. After reading reams of reviews, I finally settled on the Bodum Milk Frother. My mother in law informs me that a whisk doesn’t work and I thought the little milk whisks would lead to too much mess! If you are worried about it being breakable, you can get an excellent stainless steel milk frother.  However, as it is metal, it can’t be microwaved. If Boo was old enough to stand at the hob with me, this would have been my first choice. As it is, I wanted a microwaveable option so Boo could take part in the whole process.

babyccino cooking recipe toddler kids
Boo stealing my tea. Will I ever get to finish a cup now that I am a mum?

We also needed a mug. Boo is quite capable of holding an adult sized mug … she’s always trying to drink my tea! But that would be far too much for her. Espresso cups are also hard for her to hold because they have impossibly small handles. We could have used one of our toddler friendly plastic cups, but I’m of the opinion that Boo should be taught to be careful with breakable objects. You know your child best though … ! Eventually, my ‘mummy’ mug became Boo’s babyccino mug. It’s a small mug that was perfectly sized for newborn days when I never had time to finish a full cup.


Full fat milk works best – it makes the most frothy milk and holds better. I haven’t tried soya or nut milks – they might work if they have a high enough fat content. Please let me know in the comments if you try it!

We also have to put chocolate sprinkles on. Again, this has to be fun enough to replace a trip to the coffee shop! I sometimes have cinnamon instead – try it, it’s delicious!

Step one

Froth the milk. I always do this first before I heat the milk. It removes any risk of scolding. Boo loves this stage and does it all by herself. I just stand nearby in case she gets too over enthusiastic.

Step two

Heat. I put the jug in the microwave for 10 seconds blasts. Somewhere between 20 and 30 seconds will be ample.

Step three

Pour. This is a really good skill. It may seem scary letting your toddler pour hot milk, but it should only be warm and once they’ve practised a few times, they won’t spill a drop. Before doing milk, I set up a water pouring station with jugs, cups, funnels and bowls so Boo had plenty of practise. As you can see, she doesn’t spill any of her precious babyccino!

Step four

Sprinkle. Boo finds this part so exciting! I give her a little tea strainer sieve and position her hand above the mug. I then put a small amount (no more than a teaspoon) of chocolate powder in. She moves the sieve et voila! This is usually the only stage that she makes any mess but chocolate is very exciting!

This is such a simple activity, but it is a good introduction to the kitchen and safety. Plus, I now don’t have wails for ‘baaaabyyycccchiiiiiiinooooooooo’ every time we walk past a coffee shop.


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