Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies

After exhausting all of my parenting wizardry by 9am, and faced with a full day at home, I decided that cooking would be our next fun activity. By this point, I had been awake for 4.5 hours. We had played with play dough (which I had then scraped off the cushions). We created eleventy billion paintings – including some paintings on less orthodox canvasses like the table leg, floor and sofa. Finally, I cracked out the messy play (who am I kidding, Boo made this activity happen just by being, well, messy). Now, don’t get me wrong, our messy play exploration on this occasion was EPIC. We made a night sky out of jelly, hand soap, food colouring and lemons … by mistake. It’s just, well, that’s a lot of craft even for me. I was running out of ideas.


Messy play night sky scene


My problem? I had played all of my aces and it was 9am. I was working with 4 hours sleep, a slowly defrosting freezer (hence the house arrest) and empty cupboards. And wouldn’t you know it, this was the only day in Boo’s entire life that she turned down watching Paw Patrol on the iPad. No. She wanted to play something. The iPad was boring (Oh, how I hate that she knows that word).


So, in a desperate attempt to keep Boo entertained, and me sane, I turned to the next activity in my repertoire: cooking. And after announcing this SUPER fun task I stumbled across another problem. My cupboards: bare. You see, in preparation for defrosting the freezer I hadn’t been shopping. For 2 weeks. We had been steadily making or way through the freezer’s random curries, sauces and beige offerings. Naturally, the cupboards had been getting depleted too because baked beans somehow make beige food slightly less beige. So now I had a very excited toddler expecting cupcakes with buttercream icing and I didn’t even have flour. In fact, I didn’t even have enough sugar to make cakes. A sensed a major meltdown.


Then, thank the parenting gods, I laid eyes on a jar of peanut butter and inspiration struck. Back before Christmas, I made some reindeer cookies with a 3 ingredient recipe. A frantic search of Pinterest while Boo was momentarily entertained by a jar of rainbow sprinkles determined that I had the requisite 3 ingredients. And being the recipe rebel that I am, I decided that the 3 cubes of jelly left over from our messy play would make a marvellous, no genius, addition. And so was born, the best ever biscuits in the world.



1 cup of peanut butter

1 cup of flour

I egg

3 cubes of jelly chopped up

We had *just* enough sugar and peanut butter but with the jelly, they were actually really sweet so you could dial back the sugar if you are running low. I chopped up the jelly fairly small so that they were chocolate chip size. This is the only thing I might change next time – I think it might work better if they have jelly centres – but I will come back to that.


Mix it up or have your toddler do it. Use your hands or spoons and make balls. You can then press then down with a fork. Boo wanted them pressed down with a butterfly cookie cutter. Fair enough.

They take 12 minutes at 180c. They will be soft when they could out so leave them for 5 minutes before moving them to a cooking rack. This is why I would put the jelly in the centre next time – it melts and oozes when cooking. So while you are waiting for the cookie to firm up, the jelly is solidifying making them a little tricky to move. I reckon if the jelly was contained you wouldn’t have this problem, however, I was still able to move the majority of them with little difficulty and the ones that broke were instantly eaten anyway.

They. Taste. Amazing.

Cold glass of milk, warm cookies and a snuggle on the sofa. Finally some much needed calm for both of us (before the sugar kicked in).



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