In my darkest times, I worried that I wasn’t providing my daughter with all the opportunities she needed, but I found most activities overwhelming and exhausting. I started to create activities that I knew would support Boo’s development (I am a trained teacher, after all). I found these simple activities helped heal the bond with my daughter. And they helped to heal me. I no longer felt overwhelmed and guilty. I knew these activities would help lots of other mothers facing the same challenges as me. And even if they weren’t, we all get tired and need some inspiration from time to time!

Sensory and Messy Play

These activities are real life savers on the days that I feel withdrawn and lacking in energy. Boo will become absorbed in play for long periods of time while I take a few minutes to myself. Most of these activities can be made with things around your house, and with a little training, your little one should be able to help you tidy up too.


After deciding to really focus on getting well, I made a self care list of simple things to do to feel better. One of those things was to find something to smile about everyday. After a while, I felt confident enough to take it up a notch and so I started dedicating one post a week to something fun. These posts range from things that I have found funny, to things I have enjoyed doing with Boo. Just because you have a mental illness, it does not mean you have to look and feel sad all the time.