Parenting is hard. Really hard. Something that I have found has helped me get through those really hard days is talking. Well, writing and talking. It is key to my mental well being. Blogging has given me a space to be honest in a way I wasn’t brave enough for before. When I realised that my honesty not only helped me, but was offering others in a similar position support, my fate was sealed; I was hooked.  You can read about my experiences here. These are my opinions and experiences only. I am not a doctor and everyone’s experience will differ. If you are struggling, please do not suffer in silence. Take it from me, the best thing you can do, is talk.


This blog started after having a miscarriage. Writing helped me through a journey that no one wants to take. If you are going through a miscarriage, or know someone who is,  you can read the milestones I went through along the way.

Post Natal Depression

I decided to write up my experience with PND after I had recovered from it. If you think you might have PND, please speak to your GP or health visitor – there is so much that can be done to help you.


When I am depressed, my mind feels in a fog. Almost like I am stood in the middle of a cloud. If only I was as cheerful as Olaf with his personal cloud. Instead, I feel sluggish, withdrawn and low.


Anxiety for me goes in stages. From the worries you can brush off, to the thoughts that cycle round your head endlessly leading to full blown panic. Making sure I stay at the lower end of the spectrum helps improve my mental well being.


Other websites to help support mental health recovery:


The Miscarriage Association

The Samaritans