Work With Me

Are you passionate about making life easier for mums? Spreading mental health awareness? Being kind, open and honest? If this is something you want your brand to be associated with, we should work together. Not sure: here are the main opportunities to work with me:

Topics covered


As a trained teacher, I am always looking for opportunities to create engaging play and provide stimulating activities and experiences for my toddler. for my toddler.

Mental Health

In my quest to overcome anxiety, I am always on the look out for events, books, products that support well being and anything that makes life easier for mums.


Miscarriage is lonely. During my losses, I searched out anything that offered comfort. Do you have a care package for grieving parents? Memorial jewellery, a book or enamel pin?


Still not sure? Get in touch and let’s see if we can work something out:


What I offer:

Sponsored content – including social media shout outs.

Reviews – products, activities, experiences, books.

Promotion – does your product fit my brand? If I love it, I will promote it.

Advertisement – I offer space in my sidebar and footer.


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